Women Oral Thermometer


Digital Basal Thermometer with LCD Screen. This thermometer helps you test your basal body temperature in the early morning. this helps with pregnancy, contraception, early-stage pregnancy monitor and manage your menstrual cycle better.


  1. Large-screen HD data display, accurate to two decimal places.
    2. Lightweight, portable and easy to store, it can also be washed and kept clean.
    3. The highly sensitive thermistor measures the body\’s equilibrium body temperature in just one minute.
    4. The soft rubber head is easy to measure and also designed for the oral cavity, giving women a comfortable temperature measurement experience.
    5. Automatic buzzer prompts after the measurement is completed, and sufficient measurement time makes the measurement result more accurate.



Original price was: RM40.00.Current price is: RM29.90.


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Women Oral Thermometer